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7 Steps to repairing earthquake damaged property in Christchurch!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Own property with earthquake damage?

If you still own a property that was damaged in the 2010-2011 earthquakes or if you bought property with earthquake damage after, knowingly or not. It can be a daunting task to undertake your own repairs. Quality control, coupled with project management is key to turning your damaged un-insurable property into a fully repaired and insurable dwelling.

Managing the repair process, from start to finish.

Monarch Construction is perfectly capable to help navigate the tricky landscape of repairs, we've been managing this process for years. To start start we'll assess if your property is repairable, if so we are happy to help you through the project from start to finish.

We are experienced in the earthquake damage repair methodology and are bolstered by a team of reliable subcontractors. We've build great relationships with the best in their field and together we can get the project off the ground quickly and efficiently.

7 Steps to repairing Earthquake damaged property in Christchurch.

Step 1

We visit your property to talk about, your options, expectations and budget. Depending on what we see we'll be able to advice you on your options. For example some people might qualify for an on-sold over cap payment by EQC, check out this article for more info.

Step 2

We scope the project to deem it’s suitability for repair. Once both parties are happy that the property can be fully repaired and renovated to your expectations, we'll engage the engineering team to commission a new report.

Step 3

We work to the latest engineering report which is our path to a re-insurable standard.

Note: we can look at EQC scopes etc but these are quite often not worth the paper they are written on. Being 8 plus years old and not completed by engineering professionals, they’re often surplus to requirements and a new structural report supersedes older documentation. 

Step 4

We cost the job from start to finish and ensure that it fits within the client budget and timeframes. Once agreed, we organise timeframes to begin the project. If you need to move out of the dwelling during the repair, we also have options for short term accomodation luxury rental properties. 

Step 5

We'll submit all required documentation to council for consent and once approved we start the repair. We can even handle your Contract Works Insurance Policy which is required to insure you for the value of works being carried out on the property.

Step 6

Monarch Construction will prepare the site and keep in regular touch with you throughout. We handle all foundation works from Type B (ring foundation and piles) to Type C (concrete slab) – we can work to all Technical Classifications and a PS1 supplied by a structural engineer will be the blueprint followed by the lifting contractor to ensure the foundation is fully repaired. Simultaneously, the property will be internally renovated/repaired as per the client request, again we can handle this aspect of the job too. 

Step 7

Upon completion of the structural works, we can assist in the application for full insurance. The Producer Statements supplied by the contractors as well as the PS4 (engineers sign off) from the structural engineer will provide the insurer with full confidence that the dwelling has been competently repaired and deserving of full insurance. Getting the final engineers producers statement is your ticket to the full value of your property.

Getting re-insured, It's all about the paperwork!

As we already hinted in the 7 steps, managing the paperwork is equally if not more important than the works themselves. The paper trail is what makes earthquake repairs so complicated, that's why at Monarch construction we have dedicated people who track all our projects and the related paperwork, check out our team here!


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