Why choose Monarch for your earthquake repairs?

We've been specialised in earthquake repairs since 2018. We can handle  the process from start to finish. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you get your property to a re-insurable state.

Why would I hire Monarch and not manage it myself?

We're happy to accomodate to all your wishes. However even if you have experience with construction project management, the process of getting an earthquake damaged property back to a state where it can be insured is unlike any other project. On top of a tricky build, the paperwork can be very daunting and it's all about getting that all important engineers sign off. At Monarch we have years of experience successfully managing and completing earthquake repairs in Canterbury. We can even help out with temporary accommodation while your property is being repaired, check out our available properties here.

I bought a property, but found more damage after the purchase what now?

Sadly a lot of people are in that same boat, it's called on-sold property. The government has actually created a scheme to help people in this situation. You might be eligible for an on-sold over-cap EQC payment, although there are some criteria, before you qualify. Check out this article for more information on the subject.

I’m thinking of buying an As Is Where house, what's next?

This is a bit of a minefield. The majority of real estate agents encourage the owners of As Is Where Is properties to sell them at auction, which is tricky for a buyer who doesn’t know exactly what they are getting themselves in for.

Some As Is properties can be repaired and some cannot – it truly is caveat emptor – ‘buyer beware’. Be sure to read all engineering reports associated with a property to distinguish if the property is indeed, repairable.  Engage the correct people and beware of DIY-ing a repair. A paper trail of the repair is vital, from council documentation to Producer Statements it all has to be logged.

Repairing as As Is Where Is dwelling is more about the paper-work than the hard-work! Get in touch with Monarch to be sure you’re in safe hands.