As Is Where Is Repairs

Do you need “as-is-where-is” repairs for your Christchurch or Kaikoura home? Moncon can help you with any As is Where is Repairs for your home, or a home you are going to purchase.

As Is Where Is – So what does it mean?

This is a Christchurch based terminology for an earthquake damaged dwelling for which an owner has accepted and kept an EQC and/or insurance payout and then decides to sell their property on an ‘As Is Where Is’ basis.

Can anyone buy and repair an As Is Where Is property?

Anyone can buy one, but not just anyone can repair one! High street banks will not lend money on an uninsured property, hence why getting the property to an insurable standard is so important for the owner. Monarch has experience in taking properties from damaged, uninsured dwellings to fully repaired and insurable homes (banks are then happy to lend on these properties).

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I’m thinking of buying an As Is Where house, what next?

This is a bit of a minefield. The majority of real estate agents encourage the owners of As Is Where Is properties to sell them at auction, which is tricky for a buyer who doesn’t know exactly what they are getting themselves in for.

Some As Is properties can be repaired and some cannot – it truly is caveat emptor – ‘buyer beware’.

Be sure to read all engineering reports associated with a property to distinguish if the property is indeed, repairable.  Engage the correct people and beware of DIY-ing a repair. A paper trail of the repair is vital, from council documentation to Producer Statements it all has to be logged.

Repairing as As Is Where Is dwelling is more about the paper-work than the hard-work! Get in touch with Monarch to be sure you’re in safe hands.

I have an As Is Property, can Monarch help me repair it?

Indeed! In fact, Monarch can handle the whole process from engaging an engineer, working to the engineer’s report and project managing through to insurable. We can also complete a floor level survey (using a zip level machine) and give a quote for the project. This may help with your decision to repair or to sell the property As Is Where Is.

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